Strathmore Pass the Journal: A Tiny Selection from an Appleton Edition

drew a birdman in a grave
with fancy boots
a snake winding up his leg
standing on a corpse 
as he holds up the smiling moon,
while the corpse
forever shopkeeper
tick tock
tick tock

drawing by Elyse Mische

questions by Joanna Dane

What are you thinking as you turn through these pages?
What are the stories you bear?
Does Birdman visit in the night?
Can we hear him over our judgments?
How long until I must go?
Do you think you could do better?
Why are we so concerned with good and bad?
How many ways to the moon?
Are you wondering why this and not that?
Do you believe in magic?

How many times a day do you wonder what time is it?
Why am I always hurrying from one thing to the next? 
What am I running from?
How long do we need to study a picture before we can truly understand it?
Why do we so often rely on our initial reaction 
when so often it is clouded by
 jealousy, greed, contempt?

When Birdman calls, do you run and hide? 
Do you curl up in a ball?
Do you slide down into a hole?
Do you scream and cry?
Does your heart shatter?
Do you walk for miles and miles on dear trails
that lead to the middle of nowhere?

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