Last Week's Song


tad neuhaus, organ
joanna dane, vocals

i just want to sit in the sun and wonder
what i've done with this life i've been given
thank you for encouraging me not to get discouraged
by those compelling twins jaded and bitter
thank you for giving me permission
to keep going no matter folly nor foe
thank you for looking me in the eyes
and urging me to keep going
just keep being who you are

just keep being who you are
without waver or doubt
without worry that there is no capital I
only small i's and smaller
until we disappear into a star

la de de la de do

how much for a tow to the other side of the galaxy
where no one knows you my friend
where everyone's a stranger
with the hope of starting out new

if i had to do it all over again
i'd be braver sooner
i'd linger longer
at times both beautiful and depraved

la de de la de do

someday we'll all be
over done kaput bye-bye c'est fini
the last box to check on the to do list
my dear

la de de la de do

sitting in the sun
wondering about this life
we've been given


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