Stages of Ordinary Short-Term Illness

1) Dread that I am going to feel terrible.

2) Self-pity that I feel terrible.

3) Relief that I don't have to do anything but lie on the couch feeling terrible.

4) Acceptance that I am going to die.

5) Mild surprise that I am recovering.

6) Depression that I've done nothing but lie around on the couch.

7) Disappointment at the low quality of my thoughts.

8) Gratitude for the return of good health.

9) Annoyance at how quickly the gratitude is trampled by robust anxieties, doubts, envies, guilt.

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  1. Joanna's got a solid weekend line up of Lawrence performances (audience member) & Wisdom of Wombats Meetings, and possibly a nice hike in the woods. So I suspect she'll be her cheery old self within a blog post or two. On the other hand an occasional somber, moody blog post shows good range and I encourage it wholeheartedly.