Hippie Watching* at the Memorial Union with Caroline Rose and Nathaniel Rateliff

Caroline Rose
Upon arriving in Madison, we were pleasantly surprised to see that Nathaniel Rateliff from Denver was playing at the Union.  We stumbled upon him playing there a couple of years ago and were blown away.  We've been listening to him ever since.  And now we've discovered Caroline Rose as well! What good fortune!

Nathaniel Rateliff
Caroline's dad who lives in New York and must be very cool makes these - a unique design for every show! - and she is giving them away with the purchase of a CD!  So beautiful, we might have to steal the idea to make posters for the Wisdom of Wombat Interactive Gallery at the Opening Reception this Thursday.

*It used to be Pau, the tiny and charming Filipino man and Pogo, the thin and stern bouncing man, who danced at every show at the Union.  Now it's a rotund man with long stringy gray hair who occasionally gets one of the pretty female students who is too nice to say no to dance with him.

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