A Few Things I Learned at The Wisdom of Wombats First Interactive PoPuP Gallery

1)  Good enough is good enough.

2)  What you are too busy to do, save for next time.

3)  Nothing is worth getting frustrated about.

4)  Appleton is full of interesting, creative people who enjoy contributing to community raised art.

5)  When The Beaver reads Jesus Shaved by Paranoid Larry, he hauntingly resembles both.

6)  It's okay that John called it "Signs of Life," and Ken called it "A Day in the Life."

7)  Matt can be funny.

8)  Rae and Judith both live in the neighborhood!

9)  Joy's husband can be trusted with her most important errands.

10)  Ian can play guitar sober.

11)  An old black man who fries chicken at Mama's thinks I'm "hot stuff."

12)  Linda is delighted to discover so many other eccentrics in town.

13)  Gwyned is not afraid to confront Matt about moving her cards.

14)  Matt is interested in practicing yoga even though he doesn't know it yet.

15)  Tad's mom enjoys recalling how Tad used to crawl out of his crib to get to her Elvis albums.

16)  Even while standing in the rain, waiting for Ken to bring the key, holding trays of snacks, Joy and Rae remain joyful.

17)  Ken thinks we need to buy a building.

18)  Nathan arrives at just the right time.

19)  Meredith used to waitress at the Queen Bee.

20)  Whenever you have a chance to listen to Hal Rammel and Matt Turner play, do.

21)  Don't get Doug started on fracking.

tad neuhaus, diddley bow
joanna dane, banjo

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  1. joanna, you are definitely "hot stuff." thanks for pushing us forward in such creative and encouraging ways. the pop-up gallery was gobs of work yet completely worthwhile--a positive experience i will never forget.