Viva The Crowdsourced Art Revolucion!

The moment has finally come.  Someone is getting frustrated with my income. Last year I made just over $8,000, teaching arts classes at the high school, and yoga at the YMCA.  This accurately reflects my dedication to this blog and all its spin-off projects which currently earn me zero dollars.  Long ago I vowed to remain dedicated to creative making.  And I've always believed that if I remain dedicated, I will be able to support myself, though I've never known how that would happen.

What I do doesn't fit into the traditional market. But in the new world of crowdsourced art, I just might have a chance.  If you ever read this blog and find yourself wanting to share it with a friend, or curl up in a corner and cry, or both, support your whimsy and mine by becoming a Secret Admirer for $25 a month, a BFF for $10 a month, or a Friendly Neighbor for $5 a month. I will send you a left-handwritten thank you card and occasional tokens of my esteem.

Be part of the new revolution.  

Support crowdsourced art.  

And subscribe to A Terminal Case of Whimsy.

thank you

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