Lessons From Mrs. Watson's Banjo CD Release Party

@ The Green Gecko.  February 25, 2014.  Appleton, Wisconsin.

1) Always hold rehearsal on the eve of the show.

2) Don't be surprised when "someone" quits the band during said rehearsal.

3) Stand for songs.  Sit between, and talk to Tad.

4) Don't say the songs were hard to learn.

5) Wearing red overall snow pants is a good idea.

6) Make Tad play loudly at sound check.

7) Prepare mini-stories for each tiny song.

8) Get close to the mic.

9) If improvising a tiny song, limit the lyrics and hear it before jumping in.

10) Give Bob his hootenanny.  Teach everyone to sing, "Is That A Real Song?"

11) Record a "bonus!" track for Josh's podcast.

12) Ask Josh to make a hootenanny video for "Is That A Real Song?"

13) Always bring scraps of paper and pens for group lyric writing.

14) When at a loss, blow the train whistle.

15) Go nuts on the tambourine.

16) It's okay to screw up.

art by Roseanna

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