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Our most prolific commenter here at A Terminal Case of Whimsy is Grandpa John.  A retired archivist and avid bicyclist, Grandpa John wanders the globe with Mrs. Claus in search of historic landmarks, choice cuts of meat, and fine wines.  Since retiring from the Smithsonian's American History Museum, Grandpa John has turned his talents to art works including, but not limited to: miniatures, archivist noir novellas, avant-garde street performance.

Under the guise of entertaining his grandchildren, Grandpa John torments his own children by decorating selections from his extensive postcard collection with voice bubbles and stick figures. Recently, his children gathered before a display of his work on the family refrigerator curated by his daughter-in-law.  Grandpa John's children saw them as a sign that the old man is definitely losing it. The daughter-in-law disagreed. Her brother asked, what if our dad was sending these. Well, that would definitely be a sign of senility, but with Grandpa John, it's just his long repressed literary genius bubbling to the surface.

Grandpa John's most recent work

Thank you, Grandpa John, for all your observations and insight.

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  1. Prolific? I was hoping for prophetic, prophylactic, or maybe Socratic. Mrs. C. is hoping that I'll lose the "it" sooner rather than later. She has suffered enough. It is a camel and straw situation at the moment. With love and admiration, Grandpa J.