Comments on Comments

Feel free to comment if you feel the urge to comment.

However, do not in any way feel guilty if you don't have a comment, nor if you do have a comment but don't want to comment.

If I don't comment on your comment it does not in anyway mean that I did not like or appreciate your comment.

If I do comment on your comment and the comment is in some way unsatisfactory, it is not a reflection on the original commenter or her comment.

If you try to comment and the comment does not appear on the blog it is most likely that the comment, for an unbeknownst reason, did not register with Blogspot.  Feel free to re-comment your comment.  Feel free to not re-comment your comment.

Comments are available for the public viewing, but most likely are only read by me and the commenter and the other commenters who have made a comment on the same post, if there are any, which most likely there are not.

You are not your comment just as your comment is not you.

Often, anonymous comments are not anonymous being that many commenters sign their anonymous comments with their un-anonymous names.


  1. but what if i try to comment and the comment does not appear on the blog and as it turns out...it is not like the other comments, which for unbeknownst reasons, did not register with blogspot. then, am i still free to re-comment my comment or not re-comment my comment? what have you really done with the said comments? do you put them in a little file? what do you call this file? please comment.

  2. Dear Mama Mayhem,

    Such comments are deposited into a little file called "Uncommentable Comments." But these are rare, even rarer than commentable comments, and are no where near as interesting as one might think.

    Thank you for your comment.

  3. You didn't address questions. Are we encouraged to ask them? If we are, I still need to know...have you really remodeled your basement so that you can host traveling sports teams and did you also start sewing your own line of children's underpants or was it just a dream after all?

  4. Dear NDL, You aren't the first to point out that I am not reliable at answering questions asked. Maybe I should go into politics. So I would like to think that you are encouraged to ask them, but it sounds more like you are discouraged. I suppose the real reason I don't answer questions asked is because all too often the answer is "I don't know."

    I wish we had remodeled our basement to host sports teams. Sadly it is not the case. You did make the husband nervous though. "Tell her we don't have room to host a sport's team," was his response. He had nothing to say about the line of children's underpants.

  5. Commenting on our comments is always nice but then I would think that a mother of three wouldn't have time to write said blog in the first place. I appreciate all art and writing as is. Would I like to know that my comment made you giggle or kept you going? Of course, but I'm sure you had some reaction and hopefully it was positive, otherwise I wouldn't take the time to make MY comment in the first place. Thank you for clearing up the comments issue.
    Love and hugs,

  6. Dear Homer-ite,

    Your comment makes me smile. I appreciate that you and other commenters take the time to comment because it does keep me going.

    Some of the fun of course is trying to figure out who are these wackos who leave comments. The clues given might seem obvious to the commenters, but I am notoriously slow when presented with the obvious.

    Still, love and hugs to whoever you are.