Profile of a Reader

Honey Bee.

Honey Bee was astutely aware of when I was just about to lose it. She would appear in the alley to announce that there were some strange bugs hiding in her garden (plastic eggs disguised as ladybugs and bees, filled with jelly beans) and the kids would all run off in search of them, just in time to save them from abuse.  Not only did Honey Bee often haul our yard rakings to the dump and snowblow our walk, but she also rescued a certain curly headed three year old from high up her white pine tree when the mother was no where to be found.


  1. And she still wishes she had the chance to do more of these things. I am honored to be remembered in such a kind light. I wish I'd had you as my daily delight of a neighbor when my kids were threatening my sanity. It DOES take a village, doesn't it?

  2. P.S. This made me tear up.

  3. Me too! Well deserved honor Honey Bee.