Dropped My Daughter Off At Preschool

Walked home to find our sidewalk and the neighbor's the only ones still unshoveled.  Decided to shovel then decided not to.  No mail.  Too early.  Kicked open the door, kicked it back closed.  Ran upstairs to check email.  Wandered back down.  Noticed plants need watering.  Decided to water plants.  Instead put water in the kettle for coffee.  Picked up a book on the table and read a short piece about Georgia O'Keeffe being a hard woman, hard in the sense of not taking any shit from anyone, especial men in the art business.  They went to Paris, she went to New Mexico.  New Mexico where we lived a block away from an arroyo which was not a river unless it rained really hard which it didn't very often.  In one direction along the arroyo was an old horse in a pen, in the other direction, a place where people drove across the arroyo.  The banks there were reinforced with smashed cars stacked into the dry earth.  How different things would be if we had stayed, which we almost did, but didn't.  Or maybe things wouldn't be different at all.  Phone rang.  Answered it before even deciding whether or not to answer it.  A recorded message from the electric company, apologizing for the power outage last night due to a car accident causing 4,327 homes to lose power.  Decided the recorded message sounded sincere enough, for a robot. Wondered if I should now finish watching Rashomon which was interrupted when the power went out.  Kettle whistled past the point of whistling before I stood, turned off the burner, cleaned out the coffee press, ground the coffee, poured the water.  Realized plants still need watering. Carried coffee pot and favorite mug upstairs.  Seeing desk, remembered husband's late night clutter check when he challenged me to clean off my desk, at least two nights ago.  Maybe more.  Hard to remember.  Checked email.  Opened several documents.  Immediately closed them.  Tried to decide what to work on.  Decided to clean off desk.  Felt immediately exhausted.  Poured more coffee instead.  Checked email.  Opened and closed more documents.  Realized there is nothing worth working on.  Ate some chocolate.  Decided that Georgia O'Keeffe never had nothing to work on.  Decided that if I clear my desk and water the plants and shovel and finish watching Rashomon that then I might have something to work on.  But then it would be time to leave again.  Listened to the neighbor shoveling his walk.  Decided not to shovel.  Drank more coffee.  Etc.

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  1. Got up late, decided not to eat breakfast but snowblow instead. Grabbed a banana going out the door (breakfast?). Blew part of the driveway before I noticed the neighbors needed a sidewalk re-clearing. That led me to another neighbor's walk, then another. Your old house walks sat serenely ensconced in snow, so I did those, too. Wished you were there. Decided to return home and finish snow blowing where I left off, then eat breakfast - which was now more like lunch. Reading your blog now as I finish my lunch and wondering if I have any energy left to contemplate what could be for dinner. Nah! I think I'll take another ornament off the tree. It could be clear by Mother's Day!