"You Had to Be the Oddball and Mess Things Up"

When I was thirteen I was annoyed at how tidy and predicable (i.e. dull) our home life was.  My parents called it "stability" and bragged that I could have my flights of fancy precisely because they offered such a stable home life.

When John F. took me to Dan S.'s house, I was awed by the chaos.  His mom was a potter and there were pots and fabrics and boxes and papers everywhere and all kinds of interesting people in and out of the house spouting all kinds of ludicrous ideas and plans and I thought, this is the kind of house I'm going to have when I grow up!

I have fulfilled that dream, but, as it so often turns out, my 13 year old has an altogether different dream.



  1. Good for you, Izzy!
    From your dull, predictable Grandma

  2. Izzy, you will love Omaha but if you want a break, there is space in our shoe room. Gpa J