Old Shakuhachi Woman, at The Trout Museum's Biennial Members' Show: Opening this Friday, February 6th, 5-7:30pm, Appleton, Wisconsin

I woke up nervous even though I was the only one home.  I had the entire morning to get ready for the trip, no one to walk to school.  I was irritated at the radio.  The milk was sour.  I was nervous about everything I needed to get done.  I was nervous about getting lost.

I cleaned up the house and stood at the sink, washing yesterday's dishes.  At first it was pleasant, but then I got frustrated that it was taking so long.  The printer jammed.  I broke a bottle.  And I couldn't find my warm mittens.

I was worried about the weather and worried about my boots.  I was worried about my hands and worried about lunch.  I was worried about class and worried I was forgetting something important.  I was worried about the neighborhood vaudeville show and about Old Shakuhachi Woman.

She travels for 3 days and nights 
with the little girl 
who has only one good eye 
and who likes to stand on her tip-toes.


joanna dane, shakuhachi
tad neuhaus, mbira

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