In the Quiet of Morning

In the quiet of the morning is the hum of the computer, the ruffling of the curtain lifting with the breeze, the chirp of crickets, the roar of a distant motor, hammering, a bird chirping, a car rolling by, a dog barking, the footsteps of a man coming back from market, cicadas, a door slamming, the whine of a power saw, the sound of my breath, an airplane coming closer and then fading, the clicking of the keyboard, the fabric of my shirt rubbing, the voices of people I don't know, a ladder being extended, a small creature gnawing on the house, my chair creaking, a lawn mower starting, sticks breaking, a delivery truck rumbling down the street, keys jangling, my husband singing, a chair sliding across the floor downstairs, my husband sighing and walking into the kitchen, a joint in my back cracking, an unidentifiable tapping.


  1. So glad I saved this to read in the morning...

  2. Sounds noisy to me! Tell your husband to soy singing and sighing