Annoying Things

When it is so humid that the floor feels sticky on my bare feet.

When my husband crushes his soda can and puts it in my bag without me knowing so that when I go to retrieve something from my bag I find there are little drops of soda all over my things making them sticky.  How annoying!

When the children hold my hands and I can tell they haven't washed theirs in a long time.

When the children hang on my hands making my wrists ache.

When I find bits of food around the house after telling the children a thousand times to eat only in the kitchen.

When people ask me to do things I don't want to do.

Sand on the floor after we've come back from the beach.

Things sitting on the counter that I don't know what to do with.

Lids that don't match containers.  Containers that don't have lids.

Windows that don't open.

Mosquitoes that buzz in the ear.

A brand new book with a cover that curls up when it rains.

Unbagged trash thrown into the garbage can that sticks to the bottom and begins to stink.

Wet towels that get buried in the hamper and begin to smell moldy.

Moldy smells coming from vents.

People who drive right against my bumper when I am going the speed limit and then honk and make obscene gestures when they pass.

Shoes left out in the rain.

Not being able to get on the internet.

Computers that don't work that way I want them to.

Children asking me how to spell things when I am trying to read.

The wind blowing papers that I have just laid out neatly.

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