Discovering Shockrasonica

There is a woman I know nothing about except that she lives in a house on East Mifflin Street, 
and that might not even be true.  
But it is there where I shook her hand and saw something of myself, 
had I made different choices, had I been less full of wanderlust and more full of resolve.  

She asked how I found out about the show.
She was genuinely surprised to hear that I read about it in the Isthmus. 

I never was too good at playing it cool,
 and I went around the house telling everyone how thrilled I was to discover that we are not alone, 
that Tad just might be right about the 2020's being the age of Improv. 
Here was a house full of people experimenting with sound
and listening.

Here were musicians touring the country,
the world,
with their noises and ideas.  
How many other discreet venues exist?  Is there one in my neighborhood?  

*Joel Shanahan @ Shockrasonica 6/14/13

This is how it feels to find a key to a house that resides in a dream.  
This is how it feels to realize that there is a rumbling underfoot,
A movement in the making.

This is how it feels to finally stumble upon something
I've been looking for
that I had no idea was real.

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