Fortune Teller

When I was a girl, I had a little red chair.  
The little red chair sat in my room,
And on the little red chair sat big Raggedy Anne 
Holding little Raggedy Anne in her lap.

I sat on the little red chair in Omaha.  
My kids have sat on the little red chair in Tucson, Santa Fe, Chippewa Falls, and now Appleton.

The little red chair turns up all over the house.  
Tonight, I found the little red chair lying on its side under the kitchen table.  
I hauled the little red chair out and happened to see the label on the underside of the seat, 
something I had studied as a child, 
but haven't really looked at in years.  


  1. One more thing to be Thanksgivingful for! Perhaps this is a Houdini trick?

    Grandpa John, who only finds gum under his chairs...

  2. A chair with homing instincts. That's cool.