How to Not Draw a Face?

One artist draws only dots.  Another, only flowers.  I draw faces even when try not to.  I don't know why this is.  It bugs me.  I would like to draw a lamppost for a change, a pair of pants, a landscape, an onion, without a face creeping in.

Is your face like a fist or like an open hand?

At a party, I hear a man explaining to a woman, "It's simple.  I'll tell you how.  The eyes are one eye apart and one eye from the edge of the head.  The pupils sit exactly half way between the top of the head and the bottom of the chin."

Is your face full or empty?

I am a small child.  I pester my mom to teach me how to draw a profile.  She says she doesn't know how.  I show her a drawing I've found, a glamorous girl with long eye lashes.  My mom frowns and tells me she did that in high school, too long ago to remember how.  I press her until she tells me: She'd start with the nose.

Does your face portray who you are, or are you who your face portrays?

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