Each Day

Each day is more beautiful than the next, and we soon forget all those promises we made when it was too hot, when we needed rain. And we forget that not far from here, there was too much rain, towns flooded, farms destroyed. We forget that twenty people were shot, and a truck load of teenagers died when their vehicle flipped off a bridge.

I met a man, in his bookshop, who believes that people are inherently good or bad. Evidently, he draws these qualities along racial lines. Reading this, you automatically loathe him for such a barbaric opinion, because we are so sensitive to such things, until you learn that he is Native American. Then you refine your opinion, thinking he must be a wise man.

I went to a white trash party.  I wore a robe and curlers in my hair and shuffled around in slippers puffing on a Winston cigarette.  Sure we would all be tickled pink, to have an intellectual black friend. But when it comes to rednecks with fucked up teeth, well, for whatever reason, we see no need to be sensitive about that. Sure, government should help them, but damned if we want them as neighbors.  Spanking their kids while swearing at them to stop hitting their siblings.

Each day is more beautiful than the next. These are things better left unsaid. Let's just continue as we are, hoping that things never change.

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