Art School Teacher: A Six-Sentence Story

1.  The teacher assigns a six-sentence story.

2.  The tall student asks, "Does it have to be six sentences?"

3.  The stout student asks, "Do we have to write about something specific?"

4.  The one who has trouble sticking to past tense asks, "Does it have to be in present tense?"

5.  The boy who wears make-up asks, "Can the sentences be any length, and is it due next week?"

6.  The sly student asks, "What if it isn't really a story, but still is six sentences?"


  1. And the curly headed music teacher says "Thanks for your creativity, it adds to my life," and "stop asking so many questions and write ; P "

    1. Thank you Christine! I'll pass the message onto the students! Hope to see you soon.