Notes on the Mindful Artists Workshop

We arranged objects on paper.  
We arranged dots in the room.

Then we drew.

We showed our drawings 
then stood and noticed
our sense of the floor,
the ceiling,
the walls,
the door.

We noticed our sense of the river,
of our homes,
of our birthplaces.

We arranged ourselves in the room.
We paused for the bell
then rearranged ourselves again.

We wrote and shared.

What did you notice?

A man from across the ocean said he sensed the river running through his hometown.
One woman teared up talking about the energy by the window.
One woman wrote nope all over her paper.
One man sensed an entrance where there was none, 
then discovered there used to be one and sensed a new opening.

What do you arrange?

A life.
Scraps of paper.
A room.
The alphabet.

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