Borrowed Tool

I met a guy in Tucson who knew how to weld. He lived alone, hand washed his clothes, and for the university's sculpture contest, for a design to be installed in front of the bursar's office, he made a giant metal dollar sign and put it on the bursar's lawn.  His design was disqualified.

This guy, Brian, welded a frame for blue silks and white lace I was sewing for an aquarium of wire fish.

Brian's wire cutters on my patio table in Appleton

Before my husband and I left for Black Rock City with the aquarium disassembled and loaded into our van, I asked Brian if I could borrow his wire cutters for making the wire fish. 

He said he didn't lend out tools because he found out that people didn't return them.

I assured him that would not be the case with me.

After we got back from our trip, I saw him a few times, neglecting each time to return his wire cutters, and then I never saw him again.  This was over a dozen years ago.  I do not know his last name nor where he went.

If you know him, tell him that every time I use his wire cutters, which is more often than you would think, I hope that someday I will be able to return them.

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