Working Our Way Towards Marigold Wings

tad neuhaus, guitar
joanna dane, vocals

the light shining in my window
i see you floating above me flying high and wide
in your marigold wings
oh those long wings
flying marigold wings
flying so high
right to the far stretches of my distant lonely heart
i’ll find you
i swear i’ll find you
no matter where no matter what no matter
i what must i do
a what must i do
a what must i do

smile wide
and fly awhile
straight towards
my heart
22 blocks wide
some like me trying to get close to you
just beat my drum
call my line
take my hand
fly my kite
deep inside i believe
in the long history
of these old stories that keep
coming round
all you have to do is call me
i'll step right up i'll come running

yes i will yes i will to see you
oh it's getting so late,
it's getting late yeah, 
oh it's getting kind of late

it's time to go

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