Questions Posed at last week's Sappho Cafe

(Sappho Cafe
Wednesdays, 8:30-11:30am
The 602 Club, 

Who controls the internet?

What happens to nuclear power plants when governments fail?

Who controls what information we see and don't see?

Did you hear about the journalists who conducted a secret year long world wide investigation into tax evasions of the super rich, including five heads of state?

Did you hear the Prime Minister of Iceland resigned because of it?

Why doesn't 400 people getting arrested in front of the U.S. capital protesting the influence of big money in politics make front page news?

Who controls our access to the internet?

What does a crayon taste like?*

Want to get a printing press?

What if no one voted?

*speculation, based on Jack's expression as he gnawed on a gray crayon.

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