Illustrations for "Improvisational Essays" and Thoughts on a Project Near Completion

with an accompanying song:

I didn't know there was going to be so much about hearts and the llama drawing was a complete surprise.  At over 200 pages, it's less than 2/3's the size of the first collection and yet it feels bigger, though the memory of how big the first really was has surely been diminished with time.  (Or enlarged?)

I have spent the last several weeks with this and now I'm almost sick of it.  I keep telling myself it will be done when I look at it for two straight days without making a single change.

The pace of change is slowing.  Still everyday, I'm adding pages and making corrections.  The end though, is very close.  

And then what?

Andrew gave me a giant blank journal.  I opened it and wrote, "What should we consider when embarking on a journey?"  

And that has led me here, to the end of a book made of the fragments of a writing life, an art school teacher.  Much has been left out.  Many things repeat.  Rhythms ebb and flow.  When I was arranging the pages and struck with an idea for a drawing, I would scribble it on extra long paper, so for a while there flapped: "A drawing of Egg and Sperm"


What to do when returning from a journey?  How to both end and begin?  Maybe someday, I'll dream up some way, but for now, it's more fun to ask questions.

Does it matter if ants have hearts?  Hell, yes it does!  And I still don't know the answer.  

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