Are You Ready for the Improv 2020's? Guideline #3 - Get to Know Your Neighbors

I've been planning for a while to have Jim come talk to the Internet Artist class at the high school, and today is the today!  At first he said no, because Jim always says no because he used to always say yes and then he had a bad experience volunteering for something and after that made it his policy to always say no.  But I kept at him until I got a maybe, and though I never got a definitive yes, I made the plan and let him know about it, so by that time, he didn't really have a choice.

Last year, Jim's Kickstarter made big news with Barbie armor that he made on his 3D printer.  His video found here: faire-play-barbie-compatible-3d-printed-medieval-a is well worth one minute and seven seconds of your life.  Stay tuned to Jim's website. Kickstarter #2 is coming soon, and I have a feeling Barbie is going to be kicking some major ass.

Jim is one of our neighbors.  While out walking one day before it turned so unbearably cold, it came to me what I hope the students will get out of Jim's visit.  It's probably not the same thing Jim hopes the students will get out of the visit, but here's what I was thinking:


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