Profile #17V: Disease

Disease is one of those ageless men, his face the tan of an indiscernible race of hardy folk who build their own houses and do not laugh at fools.  No one knows where Disease comes from.  No one can predict when he will leave or where he will go.  Disease doesn't make friends easily, though there are those you meet who have gotten to know him so intimately, that when you mention his name, their faces reveal memories held deep in the bones.  Disease keeps his opinions to himself.  Most are frightened by his steady step and his indiscriminating way of viewing those he encounters.  He is unimpressed by wealth, and equally unimpressed by poverty.  Very rare is the fellow who regards Disease with the same equanimity that Disease regards him. Some who have never met Disease don't believe they ever will, others are convinced he is right around every corner.  Those who know him well, doubt he will ever leave.  He moves silently but makes certain he is never forgotten.

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