Lost Oar

I ask the students to write about their visions of the future. 
They groan.
Do all teachers ask this of them?
No, they groan because their visions of their own futures are so grim.
One girl wonders why everyone insists she has to go to college.
Another bemoans it's not worth the debt. 
They are bored and can only see more boredom before them.

What's going on?
Typical teenage angst and tedium or something else?
Yet another result of a society trapped in the ills of over-abundance?

I suggest they try, just to see what happens,
telling themselves a new story about their lives.  
That instead of envisioning a future of boredom and debt,
Envision a future abundantly interesting and rich.

They have a lot of reasons why that won't work.

Why not try and see?

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