My First Garden, Episode 4: "Willy Nilly"


  1. Were you really crying Joanna? Aww.
    You know, that video made me aware of the fact that you and I have a lot more in common than I thought. Because I gotta be honest, I feel the same about the "job" quandary. I do NOT want one and hope I never have to go and get one. Fingers crossed. I feel like I pretty much missed that boat.
    That said, I think you are an amazing woman...writer....you teach writing! Your videos are so entertaining. You can draw. You are a professional yoga teacher and practicer. And you're beautiful inside and out. Great mommy. Wife. The list goes on. Anytime you need a chat, you can call me...we may just be kindred spirits after all.

  2. Joanna- maybe the workers of the world are afraid to immerse themselves in real life. As a part-time worker- I feel envious yet utterly terrified of having to deal with myself every single day if I didn't have a distraction(job). Bravo for being the person you are. and good luck with the garden- this is our first year doing veggies too and I think my garden is "cute"- my expectations are low for my garden. :)

  3. oh lord. your poor mother.