A Terminal Case of Puglet

We have some friends in town who didn't have a dog when we first met them just over two years ago. The wife had always wanted a dog, but the husband always said no.

So, one day, when the husband was out of town, the wife came home with a dog, a tiny lapdog mutt with floppy ears, one she just couldn't resist when she saw the dog advertised on one of the internet sites she regularly visited when fantasizing about getting a dog her husband wouldn't let her have. 

The husband, to our surprise, was okay with it.  He understood that there are some sacrifices that must be made in a marriage.  And besides, he kind of liked the dog.  

The very next week, the wife brought home another dog, this time a baby black pug.  The husband asked if there was something in his wife's life that she felt was missing, something perhaps that he wasn't providing, that she felt obliged to fulfill with dogs.  She said no, that she just couldn't help herself.  That the pug was too damn cute to pass up.

If you don't know about pugs, then you won't understand exactly how it happened.  But I've learned that pugs have this strange power over people.  Suddenly the husband who didn't want a dog wouldn't go anywhere without the pug.  He dresses the pug up in cute little sweaters and brings the pug to the bar, smuggled in his jacket.  He baby talks to the pug.  The pug kisses him.  And he kisses back.  He wears shirts with pugs on them and sends links to sites that feature pugs and insists that his friends should all get pugs.

The husband often declares how he loves the pug more than anything else in the world.  Besides his wife, he adds.  And the kids, he says.  But only after some hesitation. 

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