Bigsley and Bernadette: Rumors

"Did you hear that?" Bigsley asked one evening. "Rumors are going around that it was us who smashed into that window over at the Herons.  How do you like that?  And you know what else?" Bigsley waited for Bernadette to reply.  But when she didn't, he decided she must be too curious to even speak. "They say we were in the act of mating when it happened.  Romantic, eh? I guess whoever started that rumor didn't realize that you are too preoccupied with your brooding shenanigans to get out and enjoy yourself.  Your loss, I say. But what the hell, at least we aren't dead."  All was quiet except for the crickets, the hum of air conditioners, the buzz of three leaf blowers, the rumbling of half a dozen lawn mowers, and the dull roar of the nearby interstate.  "But I'll tell you this," Bigsley said, just as Bernadette was sure he had finally given up. "When it's time for me to die, Baby, I can think of no better way, than being smashed to pieces by your love.  So, is it a date?"

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  1. Poor, Bigsley. I'm actually beginning to feel sorry for this clueless guy.