High-Resolution Detection Effect*

"To write is to fail, more or less, constantly."
                                                                  Tom Bissell in his essay "Grief and the Outsider"

In the realized universe
Of galactic momentum,
Fluctuate haloes of brightness,
The bulk of luminous distortions
Inferring future limits.

These square primordial seasons

This dense deficit of energies' thermal clusters,
Among thousands of inevitable errors,
Shift correlations,
Convolve functions,
Bar stronger noise.

Among the fluctuations of dark luminosity.

Excellent auspices,
Chile, South Africa, Spain,
Distorting the cosmic structure
Of astrophysical scenarios.

Through this bin of ionized signals,
We search for corresponding positions.
With the level display of linear sky
Mapped between darker estimations,
10^13 extracted terms,
218 blind formations,
Zero smooth resolutions,


Reanalyzed, we obtain limits.
Auspicious power

Paper dust
Dark maps
We flow
Comoving over the voluminous
Brevity of celestial significance.

*A juxtaposition of dissimilar yet related minds, this poem is derived from vocabulary used in the "big" paper (4 pages) my cosmologist brother recently published.  

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