Views from the High Line

Because my husband is an urban planner,

He insists we visit the High Line,

An abandoned elevated railway in lower Manhattan,

Turned green way.

While my husband considers the elaborate process involved in such a transformation,

I become engrossed in other transformations.

A gallery is open.

Full of fur and buttons.

Soon something new will emerge,

From a perspective never before considered.

How easy to forget, that sometimes all we need is a little elevation,

To bring some much needed inspiration.

Even the rain won't chase us from the High Line.

Not yet.  Not tonight.


  1. Hi Joanna!

    Your photos are beautiful and so elegantly composed! Great eye. Thanks much for playing your harmonica for us on the Highline, it was great and added to the atmosphere of the performance.
    The Cocoon Project

  2. Aw man i wish we had known you guys were in town! Sorry we missed you. Now that I am an official "haus Frau" I have plenty of time to read and enjoy your blog.


  3. Esther, Of course it would have been wonderful to see you! We'll be heading east again next summer. We'll meet up then. Hope you are enjoying married life.