Conversation with My Mother. #487


Hi, Mom.

I was just starting to think you were never going to call me back. 

Well.  Here I am.

You must be very busy.


How are you liking the new dishes I brought?

Great.  Thank you.  Again.

I knew you would like them.  They are Dansk dishes.  That is a very good brand, you know.  They sell those at Macy's.  But I got them at the Half of a Half Price Store. 

Thank you.

That's 75% off.  They are very pretty, don't you think?

Yes, I do.

And just the right size.


Not too big.


But not too small either.


I bet you will use them a lot.

I'm using them as we speak.  

You see?  And you just turned your nose up at them when I brought them over.

No, I didn't.

You did so.  Didn't you get my message?

That you ran into someone I know?

Yes.  Do you remember the Reginald girl?


Yes you do.  That's Judy and Martin's daughter.  The one with the lazy eye?

I'm not sure, Mom.

Maybe she's your brother's age.  When did you graduate?


Oh yes.  Well.  I think she graduated in '87.  Anyway, she said she remembers you.

Maybe she was just being polite.

Oh no.  She said that you were both in French club together.

I was never in French club.

Yes, you were.

Maybe for a week.

It was longer than that.  I remember.  You liked it so much.

No, I didn't.

The Reginald girl. . . What's her name?

I don't know, Mom.

Well, she said that the next time you are in town, you should definitely call her.  She has two girls the same ages as yours.  I have her number here somewhere.  Let's see.  Where did I write that down?

That's okay, Mom.  Just hold onto it for me.  

Well, when I find it, I will put it right here by the phone and when you are in town you should call her.  She's a very nice girl.  

She told you something about a friend of mine?

What's that?

I don't know.  You said something like that in your message.  Something really interesting about a friend?

No. . . . Just that she wanted to get together the next time you are in town.  


When are you coming by the way?  Our calendar is filling up.  We are very busy people you know. The grass doesn't grow under our feet like some people. You think we are just old stogy folks who don't do anything interesting, but I tell you, our calendar is full.  Just ask your father.  He's taking a nap.  Harry!  Your daughter's on the phone!

Mom.  Don't wake him up.  

He needs to get up.  He would sleep all day if I let him.  Harry!


Hi, Dad.

Well, hello!

Taking a nap?

Just resting my eyes.  

Mom was just telling me how busy you two are.

Oh yes.  Well, let's see.  I went down to the coffee shop this morning and read the paper and saw Sydney Weinstein there, an old friend of mine, you probably don't remember.  

The guy with the sports car?

That's him.  But he can't get in and out of the sports car so good any more.  I'm too old for the little red sports car you promised to buy me when you got rich and famous.  

Well, I never got rich and famous.

That's okay.  We still love you.  Sydney thinks he might trade his in for a Ford Taurus because he likes mine so much.  

Harry, tell her about how we went dancing.  

Oh yes.  Your mother and I went dancing last weekend.  

That's nice. 

Do you remember the Shapiros?


Steve and Sylvia?

I think so.

Their daughter got married.

Her first marriage.  She's your age!  Oh, was her mother worried about her.  But she found a really nice man.  He's divorced.  But everyone says his first wife was a real problem.  Nicest man.  And he works for Mutual of Omaha so they have plenty of money. What a sophisticated wedding that was! Tell her, Harry.

None of that kid's stuff.  This was all class.  They had a string quartet for the wedding.  Very nice.  And a jazz combo for the reception.

And your father and I were the hit of the party. You should have seen us.

We were smooth.

And all the young kids came up to us and told us what wonderful dancers we are.  

I'm sure.  

But your father over did it, like always.  He wasn't able to sit down for two days.

Sore feet?


Be thankful you're young. 

Oh, now I remember!  Your friend, what's her name?


The Reginald girl.

I told you, I don't know.

Well, she remembers you.  Anyway, she told me that Nancy Singer was in the Peace Corps.  

I'm getting off the phone.  I've heard this already. 

Bye Dad.

Isn't that interesting?

What country?

Somewhere in Africa, I think.  Or maybe it was South America.  I can't remember.  But she was a teacher just like you.  Wouldn't it be fun to talk with her about that?

Maybe next time I'm in town, I'll look her up.

You should do that.  When are you coming anyway?  You haven't been here for so long.  And you know, they have this new exhibit at the zoo that the kids are going to love!


  1. i could actually hear their voices.

  2. That was really excellent! I too could hear the whole thing. Sadly, it reminds me that I need to call my mother...

  3. Glad to hear your mother is still around to call. I better call mine too. Thanks for reading.

  4. This is your MOTHER finally responding. After hinting that everyone in the family is wondering why I never mentioned your blog, I thought I should take time out from my BUSY schedule and start reading. What an eye opener! Your father and I always hoped you would make it into print someday. I'm so PROUD of you! Now I will start telling EVERYONE I know that they must read my daughter's blog. It's not exactly the type of print I like to read, but if young people like to read off the computer instead of off the printed page, who am I to complain? And it makes me SO happy that your parents provided you with such great material. So don't forget to keep checking in regularly by phone because we have so many other interesting things to tell you. (I hope it's OK to have such a long response on a blog, I'm new to this blogging world you know.) And remember I'll always love you, blog or not.