Rare Strawberry Moon - Always a Work in Progress

listen to a new improvised song by 
Tad Neuhaus, Loren Dempster, and Joanna Dane:

Our practice is to spontaneously make songs,

lyrics lifted from my notebooks

sung to whatever Tad starts playing on guitar.

That seems to be the easiest way.

And now Loren joins us with his cello.

Every song is flawed and unique,

of the moment,

a bird flight,

a cloud rolling,

a river flowing,

a rare strawberry moon.

"For me personally 
strawberry moon 
at 38 seconds 
sounds pretty bad on my end 
for a few seconds, 
but the cello solo sounds good.  
Overall blog post worthy.
Maybe it would work
for you to call it 
a work in progress 
or something like that 
to explain your process?"

Loren Dempster on Strawberry Moon

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