In Search of the Unifying Principles of Composition

I ask my cousin:

Is there a unifying principle of composition that stretches across all arts?  Whether choreographer or filmmaker or painter or writer or musician etc., shouldn't it be that the principles of composition are the same?

He says:

It sounds intuitively correct, but you'd have to ask experts from all those fields in order to really know.

I thought that was a good idea.

But other things happened.

In Twyla Tharp's book, The Creative Habit, she, a choreographer, suggests an exercise she likes to do to warm up.  She arranges coins on paper.

I tried it with a couple of classes, adding pebbles, push pins, rubber bands.

What art is not an arrangement of something, whether objects, sounds, ideas, experiences, movements, words?

What are we if not arrangers?

Why do I prefer making nonsymmetrical arrangements?

Why are symmetrical arrangements so pleasing?

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