art school teacher: on writing nonsense

as a way to discover rhythm in words
i suggest to the students: try writing nonsense

it's not as easy as you may think
writing whatever words rise to the surface
without having to make it make sense

i tell them i once made a habit of writing nonsense
months of months of nonsense

they stare at me


Art School Teacher: Comics Class

art by Renaissance High School students
photo comic by Chloe

We each scribbled on newsprint with a colored marker

until there emerged:

a face,

an object,

a figure,

a landscape.

We each arranged our four drawings

as a four panel comic,

adding details with a black marker.

About Rose's, I pondered all week:

The astonished cat,

The grounded stag,

A twisted shadow, surprised

The mountains echoing the birds' cry.

Then we added characters and voice bubbles.

And made new four panel comics

by photographing details.


the night i found a perfect poster for peter

no one showed
for the mindful artist class

which i didn't really mind
since there was a print making workshop
in the cool art space by the river!

by the time i walked there
the gallery was full of ladies 
in various stages of the printing process

and on the bar, next to a stack of cups
there were some open bottles of wine!

turns out the event wasn't open to the public

feeling too awkward to leave
i browsed through the rack of prints
and found this one for peter


Art School Teacher: six word stories assigned, rebellion staged

teacher assigns
students groan
teacher sighs

students know
the teacher
doesn't know

students demand
no restrictions!
teacher cries

teacher books
spring break
to Guadalajara

resignation letter
signed, sealed
never sent

spends weekend
grading papers


poem for chakra ajna

one pointed focus
two petaled flower

violet third eye
cultivating wisdom

seeing clearly

all opposites as one
awakening unity

between the eyebrows
sounding om

all seeing third eye
limitless Self

discerning clearly
limited personality

two petaled
violet flower

all beings unified
full of vibration

opening fully
one-pointed clarity


poem for chakra vishuddha

sky blue
sounding ham
sixteen petaled flower
throat blossom

listening inward
receiving guidance
thumbs touching
breath lifting
upward current
inner listening
attuned to subtle feeling
noticing sensation
collar bone, neck, throat, shoulders
aligning cervical spine
balancing metabolism
receiving messages
clear communication
inner being
deep listening
sky blue blossom


poem for chakra anahata

twelve petaled 
emerald flower
love and compassion
heart center

index fingers touching
softening and opening

sounding yam

emerald blossom
self acceptance
all beings
compassion awakening
noticing emotions
allowing without clinging
twelve petals opening
heart center expanding