poem for chakra manipura

yellow sun
solar plexus
vital energy
balanced activities

ten golden petals
exhaling into center
inhaling in all directions

fire elements
self confidence
yellow light
vital sun
middle fingers touching
blooming energy
ten petals golden
envisioning balance
fully vibrant
unfolding possibility

sounding ram

solar plexus
yellow sun


poem for chakra svadhisthana

orange wave
energy currents
self established
internal comfort 
nourishing relationships
six-petaled flower

interlacing ring fingers
waves of self healing
blossoming flower

adaptable, flexible, fluid
water, pelvis, womb
healthy intimacy
six petaled bloom

glands and organs
inner sea
sounding vam

deep breath
infused with wellness
gently bathe
inherent wholeness


poem for chakra muladhara

root red
four petaled

root red 
deep breath
drawing down
root chakra

red flower
four petaled
pinkie fingers touching
earth connection
dirt connection
nutrient rich

sounding lam

a low note
a red root
a deep breath
a four petaled flower


Art School Teacher: A Six-Sentence Story

1.  The teacher assigns a six-sentence story.

2.  The tall student asks, "Does it have to be six sentences?"

3.  The stout student asks, "Do we have to write about something specific?"

4.  The one who has trouble sticking to past tense asks, "Does it have to be in present tense?"

5.  The boy who wears make-up asks, "Can the sentences be any length, and is it due next week?"

6.  The sly student asks, "What if it isn't really a story, but still is six sentences?"


Art School Teacher: Encountering Legends

The girls in podcasting class were arguing over whether it was called
the Anne Frank Room or the Marilyn Monroe Room.

What I gleaned from their conversation about the room; 
perched above the balcony, boarded up, supposedly haunted, 
seemed more Anne Frank.

But when we went to get the microphone from the theatre shop, 
there was a giant painting of Marilyn Monroe.

"See!" the oldest girl said.  "This painting used to be in that room 
before someone died in there and they boarded it up."

Only one of the three was willing to make a spooky laugh on tape.
But they all chatted excitedly for over 15 minutes
sharing what they know about the legends of West High.


high school haiku (free verse)

the bell rings
joyous reunions
lockers slamming

new clothes though unsure
where to go for homeroom
searching for a friend

old teacher shocked
how short the girls’ skirts 
how long the boys' hair

leaves falling
sweater weather
dreaming of kissing

teacher announces quiz
students groan
fooled again!

the first snow
everyone at the windows
lessons abandoned

loud speaker blaring
report to the auditorium
students slump, yawning

passing in the hall
hands briefly touching
hearts loudly thumping

after the students
exit the auditorium
a glove left on a seat

smells of tater tots
fish sticks and ketchup;

absurd high schoolers
wondering what is absurd
and deciding everything

thick snow falling
praying for a snow day
instead, school

oh no! forgot
to study for the test

muddy tracks through snow
a paper tumbling, a cold wind
winter school yard

day dreaming in class
notes passing, hearts breaking
teacher calling for attention

hallway empty
except one student
head bent, crying

warm sun, robins call
after school students loiter
holding coats, laughing

windows open wide
last day of school, finally!
the lake beckons

staying out late with friends
cicadas calling
hoping summer never ends


haiku masters, series A

it's raining icicles and
i'm dreaming about going to Japan
to make a documentary

on modern Japanese haiku
where it seems the most famous practitioners 
are all high level banking officials

do they have
haiku parties
haiku highballs?

haiku contests
haiku celebrations
haiku theatrics?

haiku mistresses
haiku hysterics
haiku antics?

who are these haiku masters
posing as banking officials?
how big are their desks?

how does it effect their
banking habits writing about
dragonflies and plum blossoms?


Everyone's Strange, a family song

this song inspired by my son
who has been begging to get a microwave 
going on a dozen years now

We're working on it, I told him, the other day.

He said,

If it's that hard to get in the car, 
drive to Target, and buy a microwave, 
then I don't ever want to be an adult!

So my husband went to Target to buy a microwave
but came back without one
because they didn't have the kind he wanted.

Like I said, we're working on it.

a song by Floozy:

tad neuhaus, guitar
joanna dane, vocals


Breath on the Tip of a Storm

tad neuhaus, guitar
joanna dane, vocals

just keep going along
like you’ve been doing right there
nothing to be afraid of

with continuing right along
right down that path down the way that you
strumming just keeping going like that


it’s been a strange week
it’s been a strange month
it’s been a strange year
it’s been a strange strange life

i'm feeling a little sad today
looking at this little screen
making me feel so empty

gotta make a shift
maybe next monday
i’ll make a little shift

in a way i’m invisible
invincible indivisible
in a way i’m as fragile as a
breath on the tip of a storm


Tranquility and the Revolution at the Wildwood Film Festival!

see a

Tranquility and the Revolution film
Wildwood Film Festival

Saturday, March 11, 2017
Performing Arts Center, Appleton

Here is one of the films that will NOT be showing:

Tranquility and the Revolution The Beast from Ekphrasis on Vimeo.