10 Things I've Learned from 1000 Blog Posts

1)  Pick an appropriate name.

2)  Ignore the stats.

3)  The art is in noticing the process.

4)  In noticing the process is freedom.

5)  The principles of composition are the same across all art forms.

6)  Arrangement is our fundamental activity.

7)  Juxtaposition creates meaning.

8)  Inspiration is in every creative expression.

9)  Leave room for the imagination.

10)  Find an ending in order to begin again.


A Visit from Le Flaneur

Le Flaneur asks.

I say, I don't know.  Other things have come up.  I haven't given it any thought.

Finally, I post the details of a 100 Discoveries box: a green field, the black outline of a hand.

Le Flaneur asks, Is that it?  Don't you think you should let people know if it's done?

She is the only one who asks.

The last time I checked, I had just over 900 posts.

I wondered if I was getting close.

I stared, flabbergasted when I saw

Published Posts: 1000

What does it mean?

Why do we put such importance into certain numbers?

How different is it from any other?

Is it over?

What more needs to be said?