Short Quotations from the Conversation Between Judy Blume and Lena Dunham Published by Believer Books, 2013

Judy never thought her books would be popular.

Lena gets lots of love letters from men in prison.

"My best ideas still come from scribbling," says Judy.

"I'm fascinated by people's breakfasts," says Lena.

"I've tried really hard to not have this phobia," says Judy.

"I feel connected to you," says Lena.

"I feel so lucky," says Judy.

"I have an authority problem." says Lena.

"I'm not alone!  I'm not alone!" says Judy.

"It's an exhilarating feeling," says Lena.

"I can't always read my handwriting," says Judy.

"That's so nice to hear," says Lena.

"My father was a great rhymer," says Judy.

"I read Lolita when I was nine," says Lena.

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