More Thoughts From Ekphrasis Class

The students are hesitant to believe they can do it, even though we've been practicing all semester.

They are afraid of judging their classmates.  

So why judge?  

The only judgmental writing we've done are the emphatic reviews of The Shaggs, for which we then wrote emphatic reviews from the opposite perspective.  Why is there any need to judge at all?  So that we know what's "good" art from what's "bad?"  So that we know what opinions to hold in order to be esteemed by choice groups of people?

Who cares?  

Why not concern ourselves with recognizing what a creative work does to us?

Notice that the chatter of judgement only impedes our ability to experience.  

Why not use every act of creativity as inspiration?  

The more we all add, the more we all gain.  

Take in art. Bring forth art. What more is there to do?

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  1. So young but so wise. Thanks for inspiring. More art to come. Grandpa John