April 24-27 The Wisdom of Wombats Presents

W.o.W. invites you
To not miss out on life! Be a participant.
April 24-27. 
502 West College Ave., Appleton, WI.

The Wisdom of Wombats, a Fox Valley artists' collective, 
is producing Signs of Life an interactive pop-up gallery.

Thursday, 5-8pm: Opening Reception. Snacks, live music and informal discussions with the artists.  

Friday, Noon-10pm: Open Gallery*.  3-5pm: Drawing from Negatives with photographer physicist John Beaver.  5-6pm: Gallery meditation and writing workshop with Joanna Dane.  8pm: Live music - Breath Is Song with Ian Moore.  

Saturday, Noon-10pm:  Open Gallery*.  Noon-1pm: Diddley Bow Making with Tad Neuhaus. 1pm: Signs of Life: An Afternoon in Appleton, creating a community cellphone photo essay. Head out to snap photos or stay at the gallery and help create the exhibit.  2-4pm: Community Quilt Making with Gwyned Trefethen.  7pm: Musical Improvisations with Elaborate Bungle (Matt Turner, Tad Neuhaus, Joanna Dane).  8pm: Master instrument creator and improv-er Hal Rammel and master of electric cello Matt Turner play spontaneous, mind-blowing originals. 

Sunday, Noon-3pm: Open Gallery*.  1- 3pm: Readings hosted by poet physicist Doug Fowler, and a writing event with sidewalk poet Meredith Mason.

*Open Gallery interactive exhibits include:  Be Your Own Composer, Triangle of Success, A Very Beaver Soundscape, Factorial Stories, Random Poetry, and Join Our Wisdom.


  1. Come one come all yee fellow Wombats! Now is the time to leave your warm bat caves for the light of creative self expression. Leave your anxieties and insecurities at the door. Grab a handmade instrument andc

  2. Will this be a pug friendly forum?