Dear Aunt Lynn

I went for a walk today

And thought about you and your cast iron pan problem.

I know how Uncle Billy is about his kitchen.

That's why I was thinking, best for you just to stay out of there.

If you want an egg, make it in the microwave.

I couldn't really enjoy my walk because I kept thinking, if only Aunt Lynn were here,

Then she wouldn't have to be sitting inside watching TV and worrying about that cast iron pan.

But then I remembered about your allergies and thought about how you would be sneezing and miserable and complaining the whole time.

So I just tried to forget about you and enjoy my walk.

Like you always say, "Smell the flowers because they sure as hell ain't gonna smell you."

There's some real wisdom there, Aunt Lynn, I know, because I'm still turning that one around in my head.

Other people say not to pick the neighbor's flowers.

But not you, Aunt Lynn.  Nothing keeps you down.  Not even this cast iron pan ordeal.

Not even Uncle Billy when his eyes turn to laser beams.

And I agree, Aunt Lynn.  There's a lot you can do to a cast iron pan, but ruining it ain't one of them.

Give Uncle Billy and the little Billies a hug from me. 

 He'll be back to normal before you know it.
And then you'll be calling to complain about that.

Love Ya!


  1. "Other people say not to pick the neighbors flowers"

    That's nice. My favorite line as I back track through your work. It has 'Child' in it. Much of your work is fantastic. Well written, and a kind of simple that makes it clever. But some of it seems to be missing 'Child'. In conclusion I am glad for this line, because it shows you can give your writing 'Child', which I find near uncommon, and delightful. Thank You.

    1. Thank you, Anonymous, for following the blog. Yes, we could all use a little more "Child" in our lives. The uninhibited, curious part of "Child." Not the whiney, easily frustrated, screaming part.