Amy Vanderbilt's Complete Book of Etiquette; Part 9: Travel Etiquette at Home and Abroad; "The Paid Dancing Partner"

The quietly paid effort
Underwrites our careful 
Most conservative women,
Who, unaccompanied,
Seek brief permission.

It's merely ridiculous to introduce
These gentlemen as "gigolos"
But for a small fee,
Our chaperones correctly pretend,
Begging contact,
Seeking trouble,
Permitting shame,
That frequent duty of management,
To employ, on such basis,
A concessionaire.

(Our director,
With no effort, 
was promptly dismissed.
He, in advance of the concierge,
Paid openly for this unescorted woman.)

Forty cents,
To advance
Over the large tip,
At the end of a rendered evening.
By all accounting,
We request.
Sit, drink, 
Until all disbursements are settled.

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