Signs of Winter #9

Officially, my husband isn't allowed to read the blog.  It was only a few days after my first post when my kids asked, "What's a blog?" and my loving husband answered, "A place where Mommy embarrasses herself."  I laughed because it was funny.  But it was funny only because I thought he hadn't read it yet.  "Oh, I've read it," he said. "I'm sure you'll start to get the hang of it after a while."

Still, being banned from reading the blog doesn't prevent him from having plenty of ideas of what I should blog about.  Last night, we were brushing teeth when he came up with this gem: Signs of Winter.

"Like what?"

"You know, leaves changing color, getting darker earlier, putting the summer clothes away."

"Doesn't sound very interesting," I said.  "Or funny."

"We're just warming them up," he said and listed five more signs of winter's approach, all of which you can imagine on your own without any help from me.

I politely rejected his idea.

"How about increasing frequency of unibrow sightings."

I had to admit.  He might be onto something.  But since he could think of nothing else worthy of note, I ask you, fellow Reader, what is your favorite sign of winter's approach?


  1. My LEAST favorite is the white oak nut stash that's accumulating - thanks to a thriving crop of chipmunks - in my garage. I curse the neighbors who moved away and took their cats. P.S. My word verification is "failiz" (Failiz Navidad! Hey, another least favorite sign of winter - Christmas decorations at Farm & Fleet, and it's only mid-September!)

  2. Turning on the gas fireplace, Farmers market veggies,especially squash, sweaters, pumpkins, visiting our kids in Durham where fall lasts for 3 months, making lots of soups and stews, and those wooly bear caterpillars that forecast what kind of winter is ahead. ( though I can never remember what it means....)I love fall!

  3. All of a sudden I feel the need to make an appointment with my aesthetician!

  4. A friend of mine who is a bit timid of on-line commenting sent these observations that I enjoyed:
    dull goldfinches at the feeder; a few parents of grade-schoolers deciding that their precious ones probably CAN find their own way to school now and don't need guidance on the walk; a subset of 20-year-olds on campus, though by no means the majority, finally giving up their flip-flops for shoes; massing sandhill cranes rising in numbers over the UW Arboretum across our street; young coyotes also in the Arboretum screaming under the full moon, "Mom! Dad! Where are you? Don't tell me I'm on my own now. Am I on my own now? Mom? Help!" My favorite that's less obvious: peaceful Saturday mornings, quiet, the grass growing slow, only fanatics mow.