Practical Jokes

A mustached man excuses himself from the Thanksgiving table and returns ten minutes later with his mustache shaved off.  The following Thanksgiving, a clean shaven man, a cousin of the mustached man who shaved off his mustache during the previous year's diner, excuses himself from the table and returns, a few minutes later, with a hardy looking mustache.

A man who lives in an old neighborhood with many big trees but no trees in his own yard, brags every year about how delighted he is that he never has to rake his grass. After years of gloating to the neighbors about this fact, one autumn day, while the man is away on vacation, all the neighbors rake the leaves from their own yards and cover the man's pristine lawn with leaves.

At a party, a man with good timing and quick reflexes, tosses fake flies in the drinks of friends while engaged in conversation with them.  One woman, upon finding a fly in her drink for the fifth time that night, organizes a battalion of friends and marches off to find the hotel manager.  She returns with the manager and points to the ceiling where she believes the flies are falling from, at which point, with all in attendance gazing up at the ceiling, the man with good timing and quick reflexes tosses another fly into her drink.

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