where do you noodle?

noodle: to think about something in a way that is not very serious

where do you noodle
after a long doodle
dabbling all along the way?

with a pocket full of waggle
and a snuggle in a rocket
while we noodle with the littles

along the Old Tucson trail
where i sometimes dream

i'm noodling
the mariachis 
playing the blues

and the sun shines
blindingly bright

try as i might
i can only 

noodle with my doodle
if i dabble while i noodle

noodle i while dabble i if
doodle my with noodle

only can i
might i as try

bright blindingly
shines sun the and

blues the playing 
mariachis the
noodling am i

dream sometimes i where
trail Tucson Old the along

littles the with noodle we while
rocket in a snuggle and a
waggle of full pocket a with

way the along all dabbling
doodle long a while
noodle you do where

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