Five Year Blogiversary: An Inventory

It passed by without me noticing

though I had anticipated the date

wondering how to recognize

the fifth anniversary of my contracting

a terminal case of whimsy.

One of millions (billions?) of blogs

(this global revolution)

the pulsing heart of my practice.

Whimsy is what whimsy does!

The answer to every struggle

blog as rough draft for collections.*

I am grateful to the dozen or so

who follow along and to those

who don't but still cheer me on.

Thank you!


(all collections come with an accompanying album of improvised music with Tad Neuhaus and occasionally Matt Turner)


A Terminal Case of Whimsy (313 pages)

an illustrated novel of conundrums, visions, and juxtapositions

including the series: Zen Ox Herding Pictures, Yiddish Lessons, Bragging Bubbies, 
A Personal History of Halloween Costumes, and Left Handed Musings


Tiny Songs Chapbook (87 pages)

lyrics and illustrations to 43 tiny songs


Improvisational Essays:  Art School Teacher and The Writing Life (196 pages)

an illustrated collection of observations, meditations, fascinations


Preparing for the Improv 2020's (141 pages)

a zuihitsu look at an improvisational approach to music, art, and life



  1. Cheers J. Come back to the Alley some day.
    T and L

    1. Cheers right back at you, T and L!
      Miss you and hope to see you soon, j

  2. Could it be five years? What an impressive record! Thanks for the smiles, laughs, provocations, affirmations, and inspirations. Please keep them coming, though it hardly seems fair to ask for such gifts when you have given so much already. Grandpa John

    1. Thank you Grandpa J for all your encouraging and entertaining comments over the years! And thanks for being so game to play Moondog! World release coming soon!