Nzapa Bata Mo, Joseph Tambo!

Joseph Tambo at the Madison Maker Faire, Monona Terrace

When people asked Joseph Tambo,
How has your trip been, how do you like Appleton?
Joseph would shrug and say, "Fine."
which, to our American customs, 
conveys he wasn't much liking it at all. 

So I would jump in,
We're having a great time!
because we were,

it's just not
the Central African habit
to constantly evaluate
as they unfold.

Joseph at the Wriston Gallery, Lawrence University

Dear Andrew and Joanna,

How are you? 

I am fine. I had a nice trip, I arrived last Tuesday, May 24th. 

I resumed work yesterday, but I could not have access to my computer at work office (password issues). Now I have more than 300 administrative e-mails to read.

Joseph with Daniel Powers,
photographer for the Post-Crescent
My visit in Appleton and specially at your house is a blast for me; as it opened my eyes a bit to american culture. Your country is well organized with several 
culture. I learnt too much things in few days. I hope to share them to everyone if the case happened. 

You introduced me to your relatives and everybody you know, I really enjoyed that ! I made good friends there, I will keep everybody and everything we said in my mind and my heart.

I enjoyed the 602 club, the visit at renaissance high school, the visit to the mayor, the visit to the museum, the interview with the journalist, the concert of Rosanne CASH, the concerts and coffee table at Lawrence University, the bike ride and any other places that your friends, relatives you have taken me to visit.

Joseph with Ronald Wahl of Wahl Organbuilders,
at the workshop in Zion Temple
I also enjoyed Madison, the game of baseball at Milwaukee stadium.
I learnt a lot during that visit. Again, thank you for everything!!

I miss all of you !!! I hope we could visit each other one day.
Pass my greetings to everybody I met. 

Thank you.


Joseph with the Gannies and Isadore, Madison

On one of his last mornings at our house, Joseph asked Roseanna how she was doing.  Even after 3 weeks with Joseph as our guest, she was so overcome with shyness that she had trouble answering.  
Joseph asked, "Will you play your song today?" and he carefully hummed "This Land is Your Land" a melody Roseanna has been obsessively playing on the piano since even before Joseph arrived, mostly in the early mornings.  We all giggled and Roseanna blushed and Joseph said, "You think no one is listening?  I am listening.  Usually you play here, but yesterday, you played here," and he hummed the tune up high.  

After Joseph returned home, 
he wrote to me,
"Now my dream is realized."

We are so honored
and grateful
for the gift of your visit.

We all wish you the best
on realizing your next dream
of building a school.

And we all hope to see you again

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