Imagine City Park Thanks You!

Thank you everyone who participated in so many wonderful ways 
to make such a magical Imagine City Park!

Special thanks to:

Loren Dempster for the deep listening sunrise, 
Sarah Gilbert for leading poetry writing, 
Peter Bartman and Jeanine Knapp for compassionate discussions, 
Erin and Brian DeMuynck for chalk drawing, flyer design, and hanging out in the shade, 

Margaret Paek for the beautiful and exhilarating movement circles, 
Tad Neuhaus for coffee and for leading the noontime marching band, 

Anna Krueger for hooping, 
Kyle Lichtenberg for playing music and teaching us to juggle, 

Ami Hyde for crafting, 
John Baruth for siesta lullabies, 
Andrew Dane for donuts, sandwiches and podcasting, 

Gypsy Vered Meltzer and Marianne Levin for tree decorating, 

I Dewa Ketut Alit Adnyana, Sonja Downing, 
and the gamelan ensemble 
for bringing the orchestra to the park, 

Robin Cardell and the Oshkosh Rhythm Institute for filling the sunset with the rhythm of our hearts, 
Len Borruso for filming the whole day, 
and all the friends, neighborhoods, and Lawrence students who shared love with all.

photo by Andrew Dane

Cheers to The 602 Club, 
The Wisdom of Wombats, 
 Lawrence City Park Neighborhood Association,
and City of Appleton Parks and Rec.

Deepest appreciations and joy!

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